Things necessary to know about Hole Punches

aper punches are used to create holes in sheets of paper. Standard hole punches usually make two or three holes, but many have the ability to add additional heads to create extra holes. Size-adjustable punch can be placed anywhere you need on your paper project. Perfect for layouts requiring eyelets or carefully placed holes for detailing, this tool allows for easy switching of 1/16", 1/8", and 3/16" punch heads. 

Though the typical hole punch delivers a quarter inch round hole, there are other types of punches. A specialty hole punch can punch the shape of a fish, heart, crescent moon, maple leaf, or one of countless other designs. 

There are hole punchers that make one, two, three, four, five, six, seven or eight holes at one time, the placement of which matches the spacing of the rings in a binder 

A two-hole punch is available for two ringed binders, such as those used for repair tickets or manually written receipts. However, the most ubiquitous hole punch is the three-hole model. Three-hole punches make it easy to use standard printer paper in three-ringed notebook binders. 

Hole punches Prevent unpunched, unfiled documents from piling up on desktops, Stop wasting valuable work-time crossing rooms to use the hole punch. Eliminate lost time looking for unfiled documents. 

Paper punches can be found in almost any office environment . Hole punches can only be used to punch relatively few sheets of paper at a time.  A paper drill is recommended for high volumes of paper punching 

Some hole punches are made for materials other than paper. Businesses and clubs frequently use a slot hole-punch to make clip-slots in the tops of plastic ID or membership cards. There are also punches for fabrics and leather. At the extreme end of the scale, a hydraulic hole punch will punch screw holes in different types of steel.

Standard hole punches usually make two or three holes, but many have the ability to add additional heads to create extra holes.  

What to Look for When Buying Paper Punches: 

If plans call for frequent use of the machine, consider selections only from high-quality hole puncher styles.  The extra investment in durability will save a lot of hassle. 

Different hole puncher styles hold varying amounts of paper.  Naturally, the most efficient machines are those that take many sheets at once. Exploring the numerous options in hole puncher styles might be confusing at first.  Simply keep in mind how hole punchers benefit business goals and support efficiency. 

Paper punches punch between 1 to 7 holes along the edge of the document. Standard punches come in 1, 2, or 3 hole-punch models, with some 3-hole models expandable up to 7 punching dies. Manual models punch between 5 and 100 sheets per punch while electric models punch between 20 and 150 sheets per punch. The diameter of the punching heads range from 9/32" to 13/32". Some models have a power handle for cleaner punches.