MBM StitchMaster Wire Stitcher


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MBM StitchMaster Wire Stitcher is a cutting-edge booklet maker designed to meet the demands of high-frequency applications and ensure precise and secure stapling. It simplifies the stitching process with its one-step threading operation and allows for quick and easy setup, saving valuable time and effort. Equipped with a wire-fed magnetic stitching head, the StitchMaster ensures solid and reliable stapling. This innovative feature enhances the stitching quality, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The durable worktable of the MBM StitchMaster can be adjusted for both flat and saddle stitching orientations, allowing you to handle various document types, including booklets and brochures. Its convenient foot pedal operation provides hands-free stitching to maintain a steady workflow. An adjustable side guide ensures the precise alignment of documents to help maintain consistency and accuracy throughout the stapling process. For added convenience, the StitchMaster booklet maker includes pop-up pins to support side stapling by keeping documents at right angles and expanding the range of applications.

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