MBM Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker

MBM Sprint 3000 Bookletmaker

MBM StitchFold SF 2 Wire Stitch Bookletmaker

MBM StitchFold SF 2 Wire Stitch Bookletmaker

MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker

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Semi-Automatic, Produces 1500 Booklets/Hour, 22 Sheets At a Time and has 2 Staple Heads and 5 Stapling Position
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Features of Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker

  • Ingenious encompasses folding, stapling and jogging units
  • High capacity bookletmaking abilities
  • Variable speeds for different workloads
  • Offers a variety of stapling styles and positions
  • 5000-staple cartridges for convenience
  • Conveyer belt exit
  • Safety access cover minimizes accidental risks

Overview of MBM Sprint 5000

MBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker is surely the most comprehensive bookletmaker available in contemporary markets, since it is a brilliant combination of a folder-bookletmaker and a paper jogger. With its diversity and impressive abilities, it is ideal for any office with paper handling needs.

Sprint 5000 boasts a maximum processing speed of 1,500 sets per hour, which can be composed of up to 22 sheets of size in the range 5 1 ⁄2" x 8" to 12" x 18". The 22 sheet capacity is a great plus since it means that the final booklet has 88 pages to work on, which is enough for busy office workers.

MBM Sprint 5000 includes efficient folding and stapling units that produce the perfect booklets. The stapling unit is composed of 2 stapling heads which are installed with long-lasting 5000-staple cartridges. These stapling heads can be adjusted to five different positions and be set up to staple in online saddle, corner or side styles. Sprint 5000 also offers variable processing speeds so users with all kinds of workloads can work on it.

Moreover, MBM Sprint 5000 also packs a jogging unit in its functional design. This jogger eliminates the need for a stand along jogger and thus saves up space and money. It plays the important roles of perfectly aligning and removing static buildups from paper stacks before they are fed to the bookletmaker.

Basic Attributes
Product NameMBM Sprint 5000 Bookletmaker
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)36 x 46 x 23
Min.Paper Size (W"x L")5.5 x 8
Speed (books/hour)1500
Number of Sheets22
Operation ModeSemi-Automatic
Max.Paper Size (W"x L")12 x 18
Stapling Heads2
Stapling Position5
Warranty3 year limited warranty, excluding wearables
Country of OriginUnited States
Power Supply (Volts)115, 60
User TypeCommercial
FeaturesJog, Staple & Fold in One Operation, Transparent Safety Access Cover, Powered Exit Conveyor, Interfaces with Wide Range of Collators
Staple Capacity5000
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Q. Won’t it be a hassle to fill the magazine repeatedly with staples manually to continue the operations? Isn’t there any alternative to save time?

A. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to manually filling the staples in the magazine at the moment. But MBM Sprint 5000 saves time and effort by flashing a signal light when staples are finished. This action is to save you from wasting time in checking the machine repeatedly for staple availability.


Q. Which collator is most compatible with this booklet maker?

A. The Sprint 5000 interfaces with the MBM FC-10 collator and gives ideal results.


Q. How many stapling heads are there for the job?

A. There are 2 stapling heads to quicken the booklet-making process.


Q. Is the unit portable?

A. No, it is not perfectly portable. But it can be relocated as desired due to its heavy-duty casters.

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