MBM Ideal AP100 Med Edition Air Purifier

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Professional air purifier with airflow 26,500 ft/hr , includes HEPA filter system and ideal for room sizes of 1000 square feet

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Features of ideal. ™ AP100 Air Purifier

  • Purifies air in a room of up to 1000 square feet
  • Built in Wi-Fi connection and control access through ideal app
  • Manual and automatic control of the fan speed up to 5 levels
  • Equipped with LCD touchscreen for comfortable and easy use
  • HEPA filter system and anti-odor filter with antibacterial coating
  • Local weather, temperature and pollution can be accessed through screen
  • Can be controlled though smart phone with the IDEAL application
  • Sensor system assembled is extensive with dust, gas and odor sensor
  • Includes Plasmawave, Cleancel, and Medshield for excellent functioning
  • Equipped with fans that provide air flow up to 26,500 ft per hour
  • Backed with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables

Performance of ideal. ™ AP100 Air Purifier

Another addition to the chain of MBM air purifiers is the Ideal AP100 that provides you with hygienically pure air. It fights against the pollution and bacteria and provides you with air good for your health. The AP100 is an ideal machine for large places as it covers up an area of 1000 square feet and is equipped with a processor that provides air flow of 26,500 feet per hour with 5 fan speed levels. The air purifier is assembled with a sensor system and novel HEPA filter system, Cleancel prefilter and carbon anti odor filter that provides you with purified indoor air.

                As equipped with variety of features that concerns the rising air and dust pollution which is ideal machine for a workplace, home and hospitals. The machine can be controlled through smart phone via ideal app for use convenience. There are LCD screen makes it comfortable to operate with brilliant touch display. The home screen can display indoor condition of the air, weather, dust pollution and temperature. Inclusive of Plasmawave, Cleancel and Medshield which helps fight bacteria in the air and are ozone free.

Recommendation and Warranty

With the accuracy of the ideal AP100 makes it the perfect purifier to provide you with hygienic and clean air. To ensure customer satisfaction the machine is backed with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables.

Basic Attributes
Product NameMBM Ideal AP100 Med Edition Air Purifier
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)39.8 x 17 x 17
Room Size (Sq Ft)700 - 1400
Room Size Large Room
FeaturesWi-fi, ideal. AIR APP , filter condition indication, LCD touch screen
Air Purity SensorYes
Filter TypeHEPA filter system
Weight (lbs.)67
4 Stage Purification SystemNo
Warranty1 year limited warranty
Model NumberAP100
TechnologyPlasmawave, Cleancel, and Medshield filter system
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Name MBM ideal. ™ AP100
Power supply 120 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Fan speed 5 levels (manual /auto)
Noise levels (dB) 29 / 34 / 41 / 48 / 56
Air flow up to 26,500 ft3/hour
Dimensions (D x W x H), inches 17 x 17 x 39.8
Shipping weight, pounds 67

Q: What is the air flow per hour of the AP100 air purifeir?

A: The AP100 has an air flow of 26,500 feet per hour.


Q: For how long am i entitiled to the warranty?

A: The AP100 comes with 1 year limited warranty excluding wearables. 


Q: What size of a room can the ideal AP100 accomodate and is it ideal for hospitals?

A: The machine can accomodate a room of 1000 sqaure foot and is ideal for hospitals. 

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