Triumph 4705 Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter

Triumph 4705 Tabletop Manual Paper Cutter

Triumph 5255 Electric Programmable Paper Cutter

Triumph 5255 Electric Programmable Paper Cutter

Triumph 5560 Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter

Programmable Cutter with 1000 Sheet Capacity, 21.62" Cutting Length and 1.25" Narrow Cut
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Features of Triumph 5560 21-5/8" Programmable Paper Cutter

  • Hydraulic-powered cutter and clamp for enhanced performance
  • 99 Programmable jobs
  • Digital adjustment device for precise cutting
  • Comprehensive SCS Safety Package

Overview of Triumph 5560 Hydraulic Paper Cutter

MBM Triumph 5560 Programmable Paper Cutter is the king of the professional paper cutter. With its hydraulic-powered operations, programmability and electronically controlled adjustment features, it is a complete package for high-end clients who settle for nothing less than the best.

5560 Programmable Cutter has the impressive ability to cut stacks up to 21 5/8“ long and 3 ¾ height. The HSS blade installed in it gives it to produce cuts as narrow as 1 ¼“. These specifications guarantee its suitability for virtually any kind of cutting job in large offices.

Triumph 5560 hydraulic paper cutter features a set of exceptional hydraulic systems. The blade is one of these; the hydraulic operation makes it much smoother than any other mechanism and produces a seamless cut. The back gauge is the other element with hydraulic operations. With a fine adjustment digital touch pad used to pass on instructions, this gauge is the ultimate tool for precise cutting.

Triumph 5560 has the ability to store custom jobs in its memory. This allows users to perform frequent jobs without having to pass on commands each time; the stored job is conveniently selected and the machine itself adjusts itself to it. Each custom job can store 99 commands, and the memory can hold a total of 99 jobs. The 5560 also stores commands for cutting standard paper sizes, enhancing its usability for busy offices.

Triumph 5560 21-5/8" programmable paper cutter comes integrated with effective safety elements so operators work in a minimum risk work environment. Its front and back sides are covered with safety guides, a lockable main switch is in place for emergency stops, and an IR beam function stops the cutter if any hindrance occurs in the blade’s path. These features render this product one of the safest and most effective to use for paper handling

Basic Attributes
Product NameTriumph 5560 Programmable Hydraulic Paper Cutter
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)54 x 42 (64 w/ side tables) x 55
Length Behind Blade (Inches)22.43
Narrow Cut (Inches)1.25
Cutting Width (inches)21.62
Sheet Capacity1000
OperationProgrammable Hydraulic
Type of cutterProgrammable Cutter
Cutting Height (Inches)3.75
Blade DriveHydraulic
Paper ClampAdjustable Hydraulic
Back Gauge SettingElectronic Hand Wheel
Warranty1 year
Country of OriginGermany
Power Supply (Volts)115v, 60Hz, 20 amp dedicated line req.
User TypeCommercial
Optional AccessoriesSide Tables
ApplicationsPrint Shops, Copy Centers
Cutting MaterialPaper
LED Laser Cut LineNo
Safety FeatureComprehensive SCS Safety Package
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