MBM Triumph 5560 Programmable Cutter Package

MBM Triumph 5560 Programmable Cutter Package

MBM VRCut Ready Triumph™ 5560LT Cutter

Programmable paper cutter with hydraulic clamp, 21 5/8" cutting width, VRCut software with front and rear air tables
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Features of VRCut Ready Triumph 5560 LT Paper Cutter

  • Programmable hydraulic cutter with adjustable hydraulic clamp
  • Adjustable clamping pressure between 1,900 and 3,800 psi
  • Large 7” multi lingual touch pad control panel for power back gauge
  • Drop in tool holder for convenience on the rear of the machine
  • Swing blade cut movement by German high-speed blade for precision
  • Electronic hand wheel for manual back gauge positioning with variable speed
  • Easy cut blade activation bars to ensure two hand operation
  • 99 steps of 99 programs in each program can be stored for instant use
  • VRCut impose ensures error free job with additional guidance measures
  • VRCut Controller notifies cut sequence at each step for quick reference
  • Backed with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables

Performance of VRCut Ready Triumph 5560 LT Paper Cutter

The VRCut ready Triumph 5560 LT is a programmable hydraulic machine with cutting height and width of 3 3/4” and 21 5/8” respectively. The hydraulic clamp pressure can be adjusted between 1900 to 3800 psi. The triumph 5560 LT is equipped with a powerful programmable 7” multi lingual touch pad to power back gauge and can store 99 programs with 99 steps in each program. The triumph paper cutters are assembled with an electronic hand wheel that used for manual adjustment of the back gauge with variable speed.  The patented EASY CUT ensures two hand operation and allows blade and clamp to work independently.

                The MBM Triumph 5560 LT Hydraulic Paper Cutter is now designed with a new VRCut software solution. The VRCut software breaks down into VRCut impose and controller. The VRCut impose automatically creates a barcode to scan error free jobs on recall as well as an additional guidance measure, cut sequences and arrows to guide operator. The VRCut controller displays a cut-line indicator which display instruction for quick reference and operator is notified at each step when to save cut, discard scraps or additional cutting. 

Warranty & Recommendation

With VRCut software installed the Triumph 5560 LT paper cutter is the best among the market as it has been awarded with innovative product award. With 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables swing cut blade will provide you with the precision you are looking.

Basic Attributes
Product NameMBM VRCut Ready Triumph™ 5560LT Cutter
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)55 x 42 x 54
Length Behind Blade (Inches)22 7/16
Narrow Cut (Inches)1 1/4
Cutting Width (inches)21 5/8
Sheet CapacityN/A
OperationAutomatic Programmable
Type of cutterProgrammable Cutter
Cutting Height (Inches)3 3/4
Blade DriveHydraulic
Paper ClampAdjustable Hydraulic
Back Gauge SettingElectronic Hand Wheel
Warranty1 year limited warranty
Country of OriginGermany
Power Supply (Volts)115V
User TypeLarge Office
Optional AccessoriesSide Tables, Cutting Knives and Cutting Sticks
ApplicationsPaychecks, Invoices, Tax Forms, Medical Reports, Bills, Coupons & Notices
Cutting MaterialPaper
LED Laser Cut LineYes
Safety FeatureComprehensive SCS Safety Package
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Name MBM TriumphTM  5560LT
Cutting width, inches 21 5/8
Cutting height, inches 3 3/4
Narrow cut, inches 1 1/4
Length behind blade, inches 22 7/16
Electrical requirements 115 V, 60 Hz
Motor output, horsepower 2
Dimensions (D x W x H), inches 55 x 42 x 54
Shipping weight, pounds 970


  • Spec Sheet
  • Instruction Manual
  • Demo Video

    Q. What accessories are available to go with the unit?

    A. MBM Triumph 5560LT Automatic Programmable Cutter has Side Tables, Cutter Knife, and Cutter Stick as its accessories.


    Q: For how long am i entitled to the warranty?

    A: MBM Triumph 5560LT comes with a 1 year limited warranty excluding wearables.


    Q: What does the VRCut controller operate in the MBM Truimph 5560LT?

    A:  The VRCut controller ensures error free operations with additional guidance measures and barcode facility 


    Q: How does Truimph 5560LT cutter differs from Triumph 5560 cutter?

    A: The Truimph 5560LT cutter comes with front and rear air tables.