Things necessary to know about Paper Folders

The way They Work You simply place paper in the hopper, set the fold plates or program the control panel to select the type of fold, and turn the machine on. The equipment then folds the documents to your specifications and neatly moves them to a catch tray at the other end. Letter folders are popular for two reasons: First, its versatility allows you to find an affordable solution for different folding needs. Second, it's easy to use. Paper folders save businesses money and increase productivity. On average, one paper folder can fold more in one hour than multiple employees. They are a necessity for any business or organization that distributes correspondence, newsletters, flyers, statements or magazines. Paper-folding apparatus A paper-folding apparatus includes a hopper for holding one or more sheets of paper or other similar foldable media, a discharge feed and stripper assembly, a shuttle associated with the hopper operable to transfer a sheet of paper from the hopper to the discharge feed and stripper assembly, a conveyor that receives one or more sheets of paper from the discharge feed and stripper assembly, and a folding roller assembly that receives the one or more sheets of paper from the conveyor, folds, and then ejects the folded paper(s) from the paper-folding apparatus. A driver assembly including a motor and an arrangement of clutches is provided and is operable to actuate the shuttle, discharge feed and stripper assembly, conveyor, and folding roller assembly. A control panel is also provided to permit a user to manage and otherwise operate the paper-folding apparatus. Save your money by increasing output and decreasing man-power and Increase the types of folds you can create. There are many different models of folding machines, with different features and qualities to meet your needs. There are many additional things that often need to be done in the process of folding paper. Numbering is the most common one, and usually requires a stand-alone machine to do it. Number should be done before the paper is folded as a rule of thumb for compatibility issues in the small-end market. I nserting is another common need, and it should be pointed out that there are many machines in the market that can fold, insert and then seal up to 3 pages into a standard envelope. Multiple Page Sets can usually be done of up to 3 sheets on a standard folding machine. For the most part, it' usually required that they are done as a hand-fed item if more than one page is being folded. This is basically because of feed system limitations. Counting is a feature that is incorporated in some folding machines and available as an accessory for others.