Paper Trimmer Advantages

Paper trimmers are useful for home offices or hobbyists, since they can also be used to cut a variety of materials.

Popular trimming tools are the guillotine cutter, personal paper trimmer, and rotary cutter

Paper Trimmers are operated manually, electrically or hydraulically. Manual paper cutting machines require the user to physically lift and press down on the cutting lever or blade handle to effect cutting. Electric models have an automatic motor driven cutting operation and some are programable.   

For cropping down photographs manually, a paper trimmers does an excellent job of slicing down a photograph to the right size.   

Rubber stamping projects often require simple cuts to mattes and small pieces of stamped card stock. The personal trimmer is the perfect tool for the routine trimming and can fit inside your desk drawer. Small paper trimmers usually have safety features that make them especially suitable for trimming small items held by hand close to the blade. This allows you to crop small pieces of hand stamped card stock, trim tiny wallet photos, and matte stocks.   

For those of use who save the front part of greeting cards for charity, art projects, or school, use a paper trimmer to neatly separate the front of the card from the back. 

Rotary trimmers are favorites for scrapbooking enthusiasts because you can purchase different styles of blades. Want to make a curvy edge or a perforated, stamped envelope. The rotary trimmer makes these tasks simple.

Whether its a recipe card, over sized business card, or some other type of information, sometimes cards are a little too big for the containers in which they belong. A paper trimmer can help trim off the excess so those cards will fit properly in your wallet, recipe box, or Rolodex. 

For smaller volumes of paper, a trimmer is often ideal. These machines are similar to the paper cutter, but are meant to make smaller cuts.

Rotary paper trimmers are ideal for graphic designers, photographers and copy shops. Combining convenience, accuracy and safety, rotary trimmers and cutters are also perfect for home projects, scrapbooks and hobbies.

Manual Guillotine Paper Trimmers  

Guillotine paper trimmers are strictly manual, while rotary trimmers may be manual or electric. Custom configured and specialized guillotine paper trimmers, heavy duty paper cutters and electric stack and rotary paper cutting machines. These machines cut paper, plastic, poster boards, mats, card stock, film, mounting boards and more. Perfect models for schools to trim artwork, cut paper or create booklets and more

Guillotine paper trimmers come in either wood or metal base. The base will either have its own clamp to secure the paper, or you will hold the paper in place while cutting. They also have an arm with a blade underneath and handle that you operate to cut the paper. This type of paper cutter is meant for occasional or low volume paper cutting- usually they can handle between 10 and 30 sheets of paper at a time  

All manual guillotine trimmers have a maximum length of paper they can cut. If you need to cut larger or varying lengths of paper, a rotary trimmer might be a better option  

A good choice for a smaller guillotine paper trimmer is the Dahle 212 Professional Cutter. Unlike some other low-volume hand trimmers, the blade arm stays open until you make a cut. It prevents injuries and unwanted cuts that can happen with a loose, falling arm. The maximum length of paper you can cut with the Dahle 212 is 12 inches