Paper Cutter Safety & Benefits

Paper Cutters allow you to cut large stacks of paper in a variety of sizes. Manual, electric and hydraulic paper cutting machines are available to cut stacks of paper stock up to 3 inches high

Each year, serious accidents occur in offices, due to unguarded or poorly maintained machines. Children, parent volunteers, teachers and office workers are all at risk of hurting themselves using unsafe guillotine style paper cutters.

Paper cutters are high powered machines that can be potentially dangerous if the operator is unaware of how to use them safely. You can think about safety in two senses. First, there is machine safety. These are precautions that are taken by using the machine correctly, especially when it has safety features built it. The second sense is personal safety. You can think about this as the kinds of things that an operator can do by him or herself in order to prevent an accident from occurring.

It is important to treat these cutters with care particularly around the home where there may be young children around as the blade is sharp and can cause serious damage, particularly the bigger guillotines.

Emergency stop buttons must work where fitted. For manual handling, all lifting and carrying operations within the office should be done with great care and caution. As with all areas of the office or shop, there are regulations to be taken into account with respect to this aspect of health & safety.

All operations near or around these machines should be done carefully and deliberately. You should take steps to reduce injury, by lessening loads, providing mechanical aids, improving the workplace layout. You also should train and inform the workforce by providing information of load weights as well as training in the correct way to lift and carry objects, which include boxes/bundles of paper, and supplies.

These machines, especially the newer guillotines, are manufactured with built-in safety precautions, which make the machines much safer than they have been in the past. It's to your advantage to read and follow their instructions, so that you are using the machine as it was designed to be used.

You'll also want to make sure that the workspace where the paper cutter is, is always well lit. If you have a manual machine, make sure that the work table is stable and flat. If you're working with a digital machine, be sure that all sensors are up-to-date and working and that the operational control room is suitable to attentive working

Different styles of paper media require different styles of cutters and trimmers. Make sure the model you choose will be appropriate for trimming photographs, cardstock, thin plastic, foam board, cardboard, particle board or standard copy paper. 

Cutters are available in a manual or automatic format. If you are cutting large amounts of paper on a regular basis you may want to consider an automatic cutter. Automatic cutters are motor/hydraulic/pneumatic-powered and some high-end models will self-adjust to your precise specifications. Manual cutters are a sensible choice for moderate or infrequent cut jobs. Provide a convenient and simple way to cut paper, plastics, card, and a range of other textiles. You can get paper cutters in a range of different sizes and styles, so there is something to meet every paper cutting need and budget. You can select from all sorts of paper cutters, from mini cutters to professional guillotine cutters.

Many hobbies may also require the need for paper or other textiles cut with precision and accuracy, and the range of paper cutters available today can offer the perfect solution. Rather than messing around with rulers and scissors and often still ending up with a crooked line you can simply slice through the paper with one of these cutter and enjoy a perfectly straight edge with speed.

Those interested in scrap booking can really benefit from the use of a paper cutter, as can those that are involved in arts and crafts

The electric paper cutter is much easier, as the cuts can be made with just a push of a button. The electric cutters are significantly more expensive than the manual cutters, but their efficiency and user-friendliness make them popular with many users.