MBM Triumph 0135 Large Format Floor Roatry Trimmer

MBM Triumph 0135 Large Format Floor Roatry Trimmer

MBM Triumph 1058 Tabletop Trimmer

MBM Triumph 1058 Tabletop Trimmer

MBM Triumph 1038 Paper Trimmer

A Large Office Trimmer with 50 (Sheets/Hour) Trimming Capacity, 15" Cutting Length and an Automatic Clamp System
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Features of MBM Triumph Kutrimmer 1038 Paper Trimmer

  • Impressive cutting capabilities for optimal trimming
  • Solingen Steel blade for quality trimming
  • Helpful side guides for precise adjustments
  • Pre-printed references for common paper sizes
  • Clamp for holding paper firmly during trimming
  • Transparent safety guides ensure user safety


Overview of MBM Triumph Kutrimmer 1038

MBM 1038 Trimmer is the perfect combination of functionality, usability and quality. Owing to the remarkable trimming capabilities it boasts, the Kutrimmer 1038 is a product that complements all kinds of professional offices and workplaces by optimizing paper handling processes.

Triumph 1038 may be a small trimmer, but it is designed to deliver high performance. Its specifications include a cutting length of 15" and the ability to cut up to 50 sheets of paper at a time. These qualities guarantee an absolutely fulfilling experience since they are adequate for all commonly used paper sizes.

Kutrimmer 1038 incorporates all the features necessary to put it above the market. To allow users to get the cut they want, it has handy alignment components. If standard paper sizes are being used, operators may simply use the pre-printed guides on its trimming station and save time on aligning. If this is not the case, Triumph 1038 comes with calibrated side guides that can be utilized for micro-adjustments. Furthermore, MBM Triumph 1038 is also equipped with an efficient clamping system that does not let the aligned papers from loosing their alignment during cutting. It is operated with an easy to use hand lever.

MBM Triumph 1038 Paper Trimmer  features Solingen Steel cutting blades that are truly a mark of quality in the industry. They are capable of producing a perfect, consistent cut every time. Moreover, this Tabletop trimmer includes transparent safety guards in its design so no accidents occur during operations

Basic Attributes
Product NameMBM Triumph 1038 Paper Trimmer
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”)10 x 15.5 x 23
Trimming MaterialPaper , Card-Stock , Mat-Board , Cardboard Film , Plastic Films , Speciality Papers , Illustration Board,
Type of TrimmerTabletop Trimmer
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour)50
Cutting Length (Inches)15
Paper ClampAutomatic
User TypeLarge Office
Country of OriginGermany
Warranty1 year parts
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Q. Can this be used to trim through 1/16th inch thick cardboard?

A. This trimmer is intended for trimming paper-based input only. Input made of any other material is not recommended to be processed with this machine.


Q. How is the Lexan safety guard different from the normal safety guards?

A. The clear Lexan safety guard is moveable and provides safe operations, no matter in which direction the blade moves. It is transparent that lets you view the blade and determine its condition without having to remove it from the machine.


Q. Can MBM Triumph 1038 Tabletop Trimmer manage lightweight stock?

A. Yes, the 1038 can easily trim lightweight stock with the help of its fold-away paper supports

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