Paper Folders come with a wide range of specs and capacities that make them suitable for a wide variety of paper folding projects executed with professional perfection. They cater to various folding needs from low to high scale. From a manual paper folder to a fully automated one, there is a whole lot of options to choose from.

A paper folding machine presents a simple and user-friendly interface. It requires a little effort from the operator in terms of feeding the paper into the hopper, adjusting fold plates and programing the required paper folding job with the control panel. Then the paper folder performs the function conveniently as programmed and provides output folded in various shapes. The output is safely housed in the catch tray built into the paper folding machine.

Market nowadays has various types of paper folder such as manual adjustment folders, letter folders, automatic paper folders, friction paper folders and air feed paper and letter folders. Talking about the paper machine price, there are plenty of options to suit your pocket. Moreover, users at different levels of expertise can learn to operate the paper folder in no time with the manual that accompanies the main unit.