Have Polluted Air Outside? Save the Inside with an Air Purifier

In the present era no one compromises on the slightest of the things then how can we compromise on the AIR we breathe in? If we knew what the external environment comprises, our life would have been way more different then it is at the present. Because it works as a slow poison for our bodies.

Outdoors are contaminating the indoors

With the increased market needs and production, the percentage of air pollution is increasing to a greater level every day. It would have been fine if the contaminated particles were restricted to the outside, but they can enter the inside environment quite easily now. Likewise, we can observe that a large number of people with different purpose visit various educational institutions, eateries, offices, homes, hospitals or offices and once they are inside they do not know how many pollutants they have tagged along with themselves. As a result they cough or sneeze and spread bacteria all around. So it is necessary to focus on the dangers of the internal environment which can badly influence our lives and delay the set goals.

Indoors are more dangerous

Even in a well-ventilated home one cannot make sure that the air is clean around you. Also it is scientifically proven that indoors, bacteria and other harmful sources become stronger as they do not find enough space to get out. Especially in winters and cold environments we tend to close all the doors and windows, where unconsciously we are trapping the pollutants and ultimately making them stronger every day. What’s more alarming is that people are spending most of their time indoors, especially elderly people and the types of impurities which are lurking inside are bacteria, mold, virus, fungus, pet dander, pollen, glue from the wood furniture etc. In offices they become more toxic and are present in a larger quantity due to the presence of a number of people in the same room. Similarly, in nail salons and hospitals, workers and other people are exposed to chemicals which are strong enough to be carcinogenic and they need to be controlled through proper ways.

Medical effects on the human health

Chemicals that are released from different appliances, scented candles, deodorants, pesticides, furniture, plastics and even cosmetics contaminate the air around us which later become the cause of headaches, asthma and other respiratory illness. Unintentionally, we are compromising on the quality of the life we are spending and most importantly on our lungs because our body cannot filter these allergies while breathing, due to which our immune system is becoming weaker every day.

We focus on our looks, our diet, our dressing and hence every other basic aspect then why not on the air around us. Surprising right! Well it’s high time we should.

How can we get rid of the bad air?

There is a single answer to all these queries and that is an ‘Air purifier’. And the good news is that AeraMax is already accommodating customers with efficient machines by providing them with purified air and are environment friendly as well. Below are the responsibilities which AeraMax is fulfilling so we can have a healthy lifestyle:

Reduces allergies and other respiratory issues with the HEPA Filter:

This filter eliminates 99.97% of the impurities by forcing the air inside to trap allergic particles present in the air. Through this feature the air within the specified range is kept healthy and breathable for people and especially for patients who are suffering from allergies/asthma. They will see a drastic change in their condition after installing one of the air purifier by AeraMax.

Eliminates foul odors and smells automatically:

The air purifiers by AeraMax cannot only purify the air but can keep your room odor free by absorbing noxious smells through the automatic regulating system. This feature detects changes in the air quality with the carbon filter and automatically enhances the performance. What’s interesting is that there is an integrated filter that notifies regarding the condition of the filter.

Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America:

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AAFA is a non-profit organization which works for patients who have asthma and other allergies. As the environment is attacked which strong pollutants that every other person is affected, so they make laws and policies to cater such health issues. Therefore, the air purifiers by AeraMax strictly get certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Environment and user friendly:

The material used in the construction is ABS material which is environment friendly and the products are easy to use by the users.

In a nutshell, air purifier should be a priority for every room no matter how big or small it is because AeraMax offers a variety of air purifying products for all room sizes. Also limit the use of air fresheners and scented candles etc. as they are not only harming the ozone but are also spreading chemicals and unwanted allergies in our surroundings.

So, start breathing healthy today with the AeraMax air purifiers without further compromising on your health.