About Pouch laminators

Lamination is the perfect way to preserve photos, documents, posters, business cards and more. Laminating machine s will protect and preserve photographs, certificates, ID badges and your valuable papers. Using your own laminating equipment is quick, easy and inexpensive. Many laminators have adjustable heat controls, hot and cold laminating capabilities, automatic shut-off, variable speed control and adjustable tension.

Pouch laminators are one of the most popular machines used to protect and laminate products. Pouch laminators laminate documents in pre-sized laminating pouches, eliminating the need to trim excess film. Laminator pouches come in standard and custom sizes to protect everything from business cards to luggage tags and badges, from photos to menus and legal size documents.

Pouch laminating machines protect and preserve documents and other presentation items. Pouch laminators are versatile and easy to use. Pouch laminators use laminating pouches that are small, compact and easy to use.

The most common sizes are usually 4” and 12” laminators. Larger size pouch laminators up to 44in. are also available. These machines use a lamination pouch that is usually sealed on one side. The inside of the pouch is coated with a heat-activated film that sticks to the product your laminating as it runs through the machine. 

There are many different brands of pouch laminators on the market. Pouch laminators fall into basically three categories

Hobby / personal use laminators: These laminators have only two rollers, the "pull" rollers, located behind the heat source. It is necessary to manually insert the carrier into the laminator slowly so that it passes evenly over the heat source before being caught by the "pull" rollers. 
Commercial laminators: These are four-roller laminators, with both "feed" rollers and "pull" rollers. All of the commercial laminators we carry will laminate pouches up to 10 mils thick. They are available in 4", 9", 12" and 13" sizes. 
Industrial (mounting) laminators: Our XL44 and XL27 laminators are primarily used for mounting.   

A pouch laminator is made up of one or two sets of rollers, heating elements, a cooling tray, and a protective housing. To use a pouch laminator, you turn on the heat switch and the run switch. When the indicator light turns off, the laminator is hot enough to begin laminating. You then take the product to be laminated, position it inside a laminating pouch, slide the laminating pouch into a paper carrier, and insert the carrier into the front (feed) area of the laminator. The laminator does the rest. It conducts your product over the heating elements, which melt the adhesive inside the laminating pouch. The rollers apply pressure to the heated pouch, encapsulate your product in the laminate, and push the product out to the cooling tray. Then you simply slide your finished, laminated product out of the carrier and re-use the carrier for the next piece to be laminated   

Pouch laminator has a temperature gauge, which you can adjust to apply less heat for thin pouches and more heat for thicker pouches   

Laminating pouches are pockets of laminating film into which the item to be laminated is placed. A hot laminator is used to seal the pouch and bind the layers together so that your document is laminated.

hoose a laminating pouch that is at least 3/16" larger than your insert on all four sides. You might be able to get away with a 1/8" border, but it could be difficult to align your product into the pouches with no more room than that. Large pouches are made standard to fit an 8-1/2" x 11" page or a legal sheet with 1/4" borders   

If you are laminating badges and plan to put a slot punch into the badge, you should size your insert card so the punch will not cut into the paper insert. This will prolong the life of the laminated badge, as any exposed paper can absorb moisture and cause the badge to eventually delaminate